Link Building

Link Popularity Building or Link Building is one of the most important part of organic web promotions. At Blend Local we specialize in process of Link Building. Over the period of time we have completed numerous Link Building and Search Engine Optimization projects. Link Building strategies changes with change in Search Engine technology, we at Blend Local keep ourselves updated with the latest changes and work accordingly. We do MANUAL LINK BUILDING only to make sure your link partners are natural websites which are relevant and beneficial to generate web traffic and higher Search Engine Rankings.


Link Building can be summed up as a process of generating links of a particular website on other websites in order to get web traffic or for Search Engine Optimization. Link Building is done with RELEVANT websites only which can include similar websites, blogs, forums, directories and web portals.


Link Building is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. There are numerous benefits associated with Link Building. They can be summed up as:-

  • Link Building boosts up Search Engine Rankings for a particular “Anchor Text” (Anchor text is the text on which a link is given for example – In Search Engine Optimization – The text “Search Engine Optimization” is Anchor text)
  • Link Building generates RELEVANT web traffic to your website. This encourages web sales of your products and services.
  • Link Building is cheap and extremely beneficial activity when it comes to generating business over the internet.
  • Link Building with Web Portals and High Traffic Websites creates a better image of your business.
  • Link Building helps you to generate better Page Rank for your website.
  • Higher web traffic is generated with Link Building activities.


  • Step one is to analyze the website for which we are building links. With discussion with client, we finalize the keywords for which we want to promote the website.  A list of similar keywords is also generated.
  • Link Building partner websites are searched MANUALLY using the keywords shortlisted over popular Search Engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO and MSN. With this we generate links with the websites that are indexed in Search Engines, thereby promoting Search Engine Rankings.
  • Potential Link Building partners are contacted through email to webmaster or through contact forum with a request for Link Building. We provide them with Anchor Text, URL to be linked and website’s description for linking purpose. Some websites have Link Building request forms, which are also used for Link Building purpose.
  • The responses are acted upon and a conversation is carried out for successful link building.
  • Higher Google Rankings
  • Increased Facebook Engagement
  • Increased Roi
  • More Local Leads
  • Engaging Content