Hotel / Restaurant Website Development & SEO

Blend Local is pioneer in catering to Web Development, SEO and Google Adwords for Hospitality Industry. Whether you own a hotel, motel or a restaurant, our unique web development and SEO services can increase your web presence. We have specialist web development and SEO team to visualize and create hotel / restaurant websites.

Desired Features for Hotel / Restaurant Websites

  1. User friendly Interface
  2. Content Management System to regularly update Hotel/ Restaurant Website’s content.
  3. Ability to add Restaurants Menu
  4. Ability to add/ modify hotel’s Room Tarrifs
  5. Ability to book hotel rooms online.
  6. Ability to check the hotel’s status.
  7. Hotel / Restaurant’s Photo Gallery.
  8. Hotel’s / Restaurant’s Contact Info, Google Places/ Maps integeration.
  9. Analytics for Traffic monitoring.

Hotel / Restaurant Web Development & SEO

The hospitality industry is a booming one in India and has registered high levels of growth in the economy in recent years. The advent of luxury and themed hotels in this field has given a spurt to the industry with newer entrants setting up their hotel business in different parts of the country every year. In this era of intense competition in the hotel business, having an official website for your hotel irrespective of whether you are a new entrant in the market or a well-established one has become a pre-requisite to attract more customers for your business. It is also important to have a restaurant website if you run a restaurant business. A hotel or a restaurant website can help spread the word among more number of customers who can be incited to visit your hotel or restaurant and thus lead to increased publicity and advertisement. This method of self-promotion is more economical than going in for traditional advertisement methods like publishing ads in the newspaper or going in for large hoardings.

Restaurant web development and hotel web development are activities that JAGInfotech specializes in. We offer web development services for all kinds of businesses and can help you set up a website showcasing all the positive aspects related to your business that can help you attract more customers apart from helping you build a brand in the market. We possess a great degree of knowledge regarding the newest web development tools like the use of meta tags, SEO keywords, appropriate URL and titles for your website that can help place your webpage on one of the top ten results of any search engine. It has been observed that customers wishing to stay at a hotel or dine out generally conduct an online research regarding the same before they make up their mind about where they wish to go. This is where setting up an innovative and attractive website can help translate consumer choices into actual sales and help you achieve a great deal of business success.

We can create a unique website on the basis of inputs provided by you or even based on our own personal choices depending on your choice. We possess a highly skilled design team that can create a distinctive looking website that is a treat for visiting customers. We make use of buttons, clickable, links and high quality images to create a simple, easy to navigate website that helps increase your sales.

  • Higher Google Rankings
  • Increased Facebook Engagement
  • Increased Roi
  • More Local Leads
  • Engaging Content